APEX-SERT - an open-source project based on the former commercial tool eSERT - helps to ensure that your APEX applications are as secure as can be. An APEX application itself, APEX-SERT installs into your instance of APEX and is completely integrated with the Application Builder.

When run, APEX-SERT will evaluate your APEX application for potential security vulnerabilities. In addition to identifying vulnerabilities, APEX-SERT provides advice and steps on how to remedy them. False positives or acceptable risks can easily be identified and flagged in APEX-SERT, allowing you to only focus on what needs to be addressed.

Sumner Technologies offers paid support for APEX-SERT on either a per-instance or per-site level. Support not only includes bug fixes, but also includes priority for new features, assistance with APEX-SERT installation and configuration, and special discounts for APEX-related training.

For more details on APEX-SERT support, please contact us.

To download APEX-SERT, please visit http://www.oraopensource.com/apex-sert





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