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sumnertech.com Now Running on APEX Universal Theme

sumnertech.com was recently converted to use APEX's Universal Theme. While using the Universal Theme is not much of a challenge, migrating an existing Bootstrap-based UI to the Universal Theme is.

Since it's re-launch, sumnertech.com has incorporated a custom Bootstrap theme on it's website. In order to truly take the website to the next level and make it interactive, it made more sense to convert to the Universal Theme vs. continuing to customize an existing template set. Also, given that custom themes will be desupported in APEX 5.2, the timing could not have been better.

The conversion process took less than a day, and is 100% CSS-based. While the result is not 100% pixel-perfect, the conversion looks better and even seems faster than the older Bootstrap-based theme, largely because of the massive amount of CSS and JS files that the older theme incorporated.

Now that sumnertech.com is based on the Universal Theme, look for more interactive features in the near future.





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