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Strike That! Securing Data with Oracle Advanced Security & APEX

The point of this session is to illustrate how to use Oracle Database features in the context of APEX to better secure data. While APEX is used as the application development layer, the concepts still can apply for other tools, as they are all managed at the database layer.

It will start with showing users how to mask & redact data using the Redaction option in Oracle 11g/12c. It not only demonstrates how this is done, but also includes a working example that can manage different security rules for different levels of redaction - all built in APEX.

It then adds VPD to the mix - so that both Redaction and VPD are working in concert - restricting which rows a user can see and potentially redacting data from specific columns in those rows.

Lastly, it will throw in column encryption to the mix using Oracle ASO.



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