APEX 5 Foundations



    APEX Foundations is designed to be the first course for those brand new to APEX. Students who have used previous releases of APEX can still benefit from an abbreviated version of this course, as the changes from 4.x to 5.x are quite significant. It starts with an overview of one of the most difficult problems that IT has been faced with: securely and quickly building applications that users can use to interact with their data. It then discusses how APEX helps to solve this problem, and highlights existing APEX applications and what problems they have solved.

    It then turns towards an overview of the architecture of APEX - both from a logical and physical point of this. This part of the foundation is critical for developers to understand how the tool which they will work with is structured and can be deployed.

    Workspace administration will also be covered next, reviewing some of the less-frequently used yet still critical components of APEX.

    The bulk of the rest of this class will be spent on discussing the tool in general. Think of it as a guided tour of most of the pages that make up APEX - with a special highlight of the new Page Designer. SQL Workshop and Team Development will also be covered as well.

    Lastly, the class will discuss how to bundle and deploy APEX applications. It will then finish with an overview of some APEX resources - most of which are free - that can be used to assist with developing applications.

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Format: Training Class
Type: Public/Private


  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • - Logical
    - Physical
  • Workspace Administration
  • - Manage Services
    - Manage Users & Groups
    - Monitor Activity
    - Dashboards
    - Utilization Reports
    - Admin Tasks
  • Application Builder
  • - Page Designer
  • SQL Workshop
  • Team Development
  • - Milestones
    - Features
    - To Dos and Bugs
    - Feedback
    - Utilities
  • Bundling & Deployment
  • APEX Resources





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