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  • Developing APEX 5 Desktop Applications

Developing APEX 5 Desktop Applications



    In Developing Desktop APEX Applications, students will learn the basics of how to design, develop and deploy a fully-functional APEX application. Starting with a data model, scripts will be generated and used to populate a schema. Then, using the SQL Workshop, the database objects created will be used as the foundation for the application.

    After a brief review of SQL Workshop, the rest of the course will focus on the Application Builders. Students will create their first application and spend some time adding basic navigation components, such as navigation bar entries, breadcrumbs, the global page and LOVs.

    Next, students will begin to construct and modify forms and reports to manage the project tracking data. The course mimics real-world APEX development, where wizards are used and then the results of the wizards are modified based on requirements. Some advanced and more sophisticated options will also be implemented.

    Students will then focus on reporting and charts, adding a variety of different types to gain more exposure of APEX's reporting capabilities. A couple of plugins will also be installed and implemented.

    The final part of this class is used to discuss how to properly secure the application. Steps are taken to prevent URL Tampering as well as secure different parts of the application based on a user's role.

    The class concludes with steps to package and deploy the application to another server.

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Format: Training Class
Type: Public/Private


  • Installation
  • - Download & Unzip Class Files
    - Login to Your Workspace
  • SQL Workshop
  • - Creating the Base Objects Using a Script
    - Altering Objects and Creating Functions Using a Script
    - Altering Objects Manually
    - User Interface Defaults
  • Creating the Base Application
  • - The Create Application Wizard
    - Public Pages
    - Nav Bar Entries
    - Global Pages
    - Breadcrumbs
    - Lists of Values
  • Forms, Reports & Lists
  • - Admin Home Page
    - Form on a Table with Report
    - Tabular Forms
    - Modal Form & Dynamic Action
    - Lists
  • Advanced Forms, Reports and Pages
  • - Card Report
    - Form w/DA Refresh
    - Multi-Functional Page
  • Reporting
  • - Calendars
    - Interactive Reports
    - Charts
  • Security
  • - Authentication
    - Conditional Security
    - Authorization Schemes
    - Read-Only Items
  • Deployment
  • - Exporting and Importing Your Application





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